Artist are always a complex sort.  Creative yet idealistic, freesprited yet perfectionistic and absolutely relentless towards shaping their passion. Society often writes them off as an outcast.

Touring around the globe, playing shows at all big cities worldwide.
Wild at their performance, stirring for the crowds. Creating emotional moments, a special atmosphere.

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_The Agency

BLAKKSHEEP _world wild artists is a global talent agency based in Vienna and Berlin. Established in 2014 from Harald Reiterer, Tina Panitzke and Simo Lorenz – former Driving Forces Bookings respectively Kne´Deep Artists. All together more than 30 years in the music industry with a lot of passion for it.

The combination of yearslong knowledge and experience, paired with emergent forces and an exceptional work ethic can be found right throughout the team.

Always striving for creating a perfect show for the audience, the promoter, as well as the performer. But It´s not only about sharing the same vision of music. It´s also about friendship, fairness and sharing the ferventness.

Representing their artists at its best, as well as helping to develop from a rough diamond to ensure they reach their maximum potential & go to headline the stages worldwide!