Artist Biography

Möd3rn is the alliance between two experienced french producers, Electric Rescue (best known as head master of french techno label Skryptöm records) and Maxime Dangles (sound wizard and former pillar of Kompakt records ), and two uprising newcomers : Kmyle  (who distinguished himself with his acclaimed releases on Skryptöm and Clergy) and Moteka (the talented producer from Skryptöm and Children of Tomorrow records).

The four expert producers merge into a unique entity, with techno music as their only goal. The common musical passion leads the group, where individual personalities are shadowed by the resulting ethereal and synthetic aesthetic.

There are no rules, and the whole project lies on improvisation, where each member’s sounds – subtle keys, stabbing chords, subterranean rumbles and rhythmical bursts – blend into a devastating maelstrom, condensing Detroit’s grieving influence with last decade’s best avant-garde cacophonies.

The obtained result is irresistible, ecstatic and contemporary, and explores all of techno’s incredible diversity and dynamism.

Fate has brought the four partners together to celebrate their mutual friendship by improvising as a unique polymorphic creature powered by the urge to dance and the passion for music, resulting in their eponym label’s releases.

Mod3rn is currently celebrating their 10th release : « Trabeos10 EP » and offer today 1h30 of live recording from their latest session at Rex Club, Paris on May 17th 2019.

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