Mikael Jonasson

Exile, Figure, Credo

Stockholm, SWEDEN

Stockholm-based Mikael Jonasson is a long serving DJ and producer who continues to push the boundaries of modern club music with his amazingly crafted, rather rare techno productions. With recent releases on labels like Drumcode, Figure, Octopus Recordings and Phobiq, Mikael has earned the support and attention from the key players all around the globe.

With a busy schedule of gigs all around Europe, including several stops at legendary Berghain in Berlin, Mikael have had the pleasure of sharing stage with talented
colleagues such as Adam Beyer, Len Faki and Joseph Capriati.

Starting out as a drummer in early years, attending municipal music education, led to the later interest in electronic music. Being a part of the Swedish rave culture in the late 90´s, Mikael started to collect pretty much every analogue synthesizer he could afford. What started out as experimental sounds evolved and matured over the years into music, and back in 1999, Mikael´s first record was released.

Hard struggle in the studio and behind the decks, in combination with being a highly sought after producer in the international techno-scene, has resulted in a variety of high quality releases topping the techno charts over a significant period of time.

At the moment Mikael continues to build his own intricate sound, characterised by expert sound design and his attention to details. Heavy supported by fans, radiostations and DJs around the globe, Mikael´s journey continues. Artistry through techno, 2014 style.