Many Reasons aka MiniCoolBoyz
Many Reasons aka MiniCoolBoyz
Many Reasons aka MiniCoolBoyz

Artist Biography

MiniCoolBoyz have been at the forefront of the Italian and European Techno and Minimal scenes for quite some time now: since their smash hit remix featured on the Minus compilation “Sounds From Can Elles”, the duo have consistently released outstanding music on a series of revered labels.

Branded by Beatport “Richie Hawtin’s prodigies”, Michele and Raffaele have seen their tracks constantly played and supported by Hawtin himself and by the biggest names in the games.

The impressive list of labels they’ve had their music released on is almost endless: INTEC, MINUS, SCI+TEC, SAVED, ANALYTICTRAIL, TERMINAL M. and many more.

In 2009, they founded Amazing Records, their own label to use as a platform for their projects and to launch the career of fellow young and upcoming producers. Now in its 5th year, it has seen acclaimed names and it has gained enthusiastic and positive feedback from most DJs.

More recently, they have started a new imprint with their studio partner NHB called OVER, focusing on more experimental Techno influences.

In 2013, they joined the Driving Forces Agency roster of artists, with their gig requests reaching high demands.

From October 2014 onwards, they have embarked on a new adventure, choosing a brand new name for themselves:

Many Reasons. A bold move and step forward for the Italian duo which will see them take their career to the next level, creating their new Techno language from old school vibes mixed with new sound horizons, in a unique personal style.

Dark and deep atmospheres create the ambience for a more intricate mood, where complex sound landscapes grab the listeners’ attention, bringing the club experience to another dimension.

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