Artist Biography

Analogue warmth meets raw energy: This furious mixture made Andre Kronert a synonym for powerful and high-octane sound. Since 1994 he has set countless parties and festivals on fire, proving himself to be a major reason for escalating atmospheres and bursting dance floors whereever he goes.

In his productions Andre Kronert performs a mesmerizing balancing act between two worlds. On the one side, there is the raw energy and explosive power of his ecstatic, repetitive rhythms. On the other side his style is characterized by subtle build-ups, filigree sound textures and the warmth of analogue synthesis. For a good reason, since Andre Kronert has been an avid vinyl lover since he started DJing over 15 years ago. During his live performances he exclusively relies on his beloved music machinery which includes no laptop.

Andre´s thirst for new enterprises frequently reaches hyperactive dimensions and is the driving force behind his labels Odd/Even, 3rd Wave Music or Neurotron Music and the mysterious Knowone.
The charismatic guy from Berlin produces music that shines with versatility, flavour and has the ability to tell a story to its listeners. Released on labels like EXILE, Stockholm Limited, Figure, Mosaic or his very own ODD/EVEN, to name a few. Artists like Markus Suckut, Len Faki, Jonas Kopp, Efdemin, Ed Davenport, Pär Grindvik, Mike Dehnert, Deadbeat, Pfirter and many more have remixes done for his productions.

Standstill is no possibility for Andre, he always delivers and surprises us with new facets of himself and his passion for music.

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