Andre Kronert


club sound, as a DJ as well as a producer.
In his productions Andre Kronert performs a mesmerizing balancing act between two worlds. On the one side, there is the raw energy and explosive power of his ecstatic, repetitive rhythms. On the other side his style is characterized by subtle build-ups, filigree sound textures and the warmth of analogue synthesis.

His productions has been released on labels like Figure, Stockholm Limited or his very own ODD EVEN to name a few.

Artists and key player like Len Faki, Jonas Kopp, Efdemin, Ed Davenport, Pär Grindvik, Ron Albrecht, Pfirter and more have remixes done for his productions.

Andre Kronert – EXU REWORKED – Stockholm Limited (12″)
Andre Kronert – The Throne Room EP – Figure (12″)
Andre Kronert – Planetary Tranquility – Pure Traxx (12″)
Andre Kronert – EXU EP – Stockholm Limited (12″)
Andre Kronert – Terminus – ODD EVEN (12″)
Andre Kronert – Trip – Stockholm Limited (12″)
Andre Kronert – Aint No Funny Music – Without Any Doubt (12″)